Ellis, from Headstrong, by Daniel Burns

ELLIS. (non-binary, genderqueer) We have a chance here to do something worthwhile. This country is at a turning point, a chance to return to a free way of life that it hasn’t had in decades. Whether we like it or not, we’re in a position to have substantial influence on how that turns out.

They’ve accused us of turning people against the government. Causing unrest. If I’m going to lose my job over this, if we’re not going to make it safely out of the country anyways, why not give it a shot of doing exactly what they’re accusing us of? We’re not going to cause riots, but resistance. Our names are tied with the masses of protestors in the streets. We have brand recognition. If we try to organize a platform- demands for justice, anti-corruption, a lift on this preposterous ban, people might take it seriously. Here, give me your phone, I need to get on Twitter. It’s the fastest way that news travels about whatever’s going on out there. Riots, political uprisings, sporting events. There’s a huge web of people tweeting and retweeting major events. Whole revolutions have been organized and sustained over Twitter. Not a hyperbole. Have you ever heard of Tweets from Tahrir? It’s a book, an entire book of Tweets published from Egypt during the overthrow of Mubarak in 2011. You can track what happens, what the international response is. Activists all over the world will offer advice, and support to groups and individuals with boots on the ground at world changing events. So yes, I’m on Twitter.

Context: Ellis, a computer tech, has been pulled into an international cheese smuggling scheme by their acquaintance, Miles. In this monologue, they are trying to convince Miles to use the computer gear that they have to try to make a change in government of the country in which they are trapped.

More information: http://danielburnsentertainment.com

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