Merperson, from The Mermaid Hour, by David Valdes Greenwood

MERPERSON. (genderqueer)

Arise, my loves.

You are the children of beauty and light,

the gift of the heavens that cover both the land and the sea.

Never kneel before the earth,

never waste your tears on ground that does not welcome you.

Arise and be all that you are, all that I am.

I was a girl a long time ago.

I was a boy a long time ago.

I was a mortal a long time ago.

I am not mortal!

I am not land or sea!

I am heavens.

The secret of our kind is that we are not between, but above.

See how I shine!

See how I glow in the Mermaid Hour!

Glow, my children! Glow!

Context: For Pilar and Bird, navigating their tween daughter Violet’s transition is tricky as they juggle not only their own opposing parenting styles but her impulsive nature. Vi is just as concerned about her best friend Jacob, who she wishes was her boyfriend, and when nothing is going as she wants, she makes a YouTube video that pushes everyone’s buttons. As her parents wrestle with all of Vi’s choices, they confront the gaps between them as a couple–and which they’ll have to overcome to see them all through.

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