Katie, from Sensitive Guys, by MJ Kaufman

KATIE. (Woman or gender non-conforming) Oh right, sorry. We attempt to transform society through a three-pronged  program. One. Survivor support group. That’s us. We provide peer support and create programming to respond to each individual survivor’s needs. Two. Men’s peer education group. Those are our friends. And Three. Education for the public. Which both groups do together. Exactly what we’re doing right now. I know what you’re thinking! You’re looking at this and you’re like uh are the only people in the survivor support group women? Are the only people in the men’s peer education group men? And the answer is a RESOUNDING NO!! Sorry sorry I phrased that wrong, let me back up. What I really mean is are only women ALLOWED in the survivor support group? Are only men ALLOWED in the men’s peer education group? And the answer to THAT question is a resounding no. In practice, however, at the moment, the groups are largely uh gender segregated.

Context: Will is a freshman at Watson college. Jordan is a senior film major. Tyler is writing a novel for his thesis. They are all members of the Men’s Peer Education group. At meetings they spend hours unpacking questions like: “what is male privilege? And what can we do about it?” They love each other and the group. Until some accusatory posters start appearing around campus suggesting that a member of the group committed sexual assault. Could it be that even sensitive guys, guys working on their privilege sometimes turn violent or aggressive? In this play women and gender non-conforming people play men trying to understand the intricacies of masculinity and violence.

More information: https://newplayexchange.org/users/179/mj-kaufman

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