Shay, from Current, by Samantha Vakiener

SHAY. I liked tracking your story.  You were so… (Can’t describe it.) but ultimately endearing.  I got like a high from listening to you.  Like, I meant so much— No, something I created meant so much to someone.  And that made being a fish, wearing a stupid costume for a stupid fish fry restaurant, mean something.  A reason to stick around.  After it hadn’t meant something for so long.  I would listen to you.  And listen to you.  And listen to you.  I would have kept on listening to you.  Because… I thought I was helping you.  And then that one day you… you asked who was in the suit.  And I wanted to take off the head and talk to you.  Finally talk to you.  To someone.  Have a conversation.  But I was scared.  And it turns out I had every right to be.  It’s just been days, but.. The things you’ve said to me.  The things you’ve done.  You wish you had never asked.  Because you don’t want to know me.  No matter what you say.  What’s appropriate at this stage of acquaintanceship is “What’s your favorite color?”  “What kind of music do you like?”  Not “What are you?”  Not “Will you heal me?”  That’s too much to put on a person you just met.

Context: From the full-length CURRENT.  Monologue occurs during the final scene.

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