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Founder, Curator, and Lead Web Manager: K. Woodzick is a writer, director, actor, arts marketer and host of the Theatrical Mustang Podcast. They have a BA in Theatre/Dance from Luther College and graduated from Naropa University’s MFA Theatre: Contemporary Performance in 2018. They currently live in Wisconsin. Learn more at www.woodzick.com.

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Deputy Web Manager: Tristan B Willis is a Washington, DC-based playwright and game creator. They have written plays produced in Chicago, DC, Massachusetts, and Texas and published poems with Apropros Literary Journal and shufPoetry. They like theatre that winks at you from behind the curtain. You can catch Tristan tweeting about process @feelingfickle and learn more about their work at www.tristanbwillis.com and New Play Exchange.


Classical Monologue Dramaturg: Rory Starkman is an actor, director, and playwright from Canada. They have directed plays in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and Toronto, Ontario. Their first play, Just The Way It Is won the Island Fringe Festival’s first annual award for Best New Play in August 2017. They almost have a BA in Psychology from the University of Prince Edward Island with a minor in Theatre Studies. They are passionate about theatre, social justice issues, and human rights. They are also committed to finding and creating roles for genderqueer actors. As an old soul, they are just discovering the wonders of many social media platforms. For now, you can contact them at rorystrongman (at) gmail (dot) com.