Production Guidelines

We have received interest in theatres and producers from across the country to produce staged readings of monologues found on this website. Here are the guidelines we respectfully request that you follow.

  • Please reach out to us at nonbinarymonologues (at) gmail (dot) com to indicate your interest in producing a staged reading. If there is more than one company or organization from the same city who wants to produce, we’ll get you in touch with each other so you can collaborate.
  • Once a production date or dates and ticketing link (if applicable) are confirmed, please email us the info and we’ll share it on this website!
  • In all printed materials and online promotion, there must be an acknowledgement of “The Non-Binary Monologues Project” as well as a link to
  • All performers must be trans and/or non-binary. There is no limit to the number of actors you can cast, and actors may read/perform multiple monologues. Your total run time should be between 45 and 90 minutes.
  • At least 51% of your production team must be part of the LGBTQIA+ community. This percentage should be calculated with all cast and crew. (If you need help in this regard, contact us.)
  • You may charge a ticket price, but please consider setting aside hospitality seats at each performance for members of the LGBTQIA+ community for whom a ticket price may be an impediment.
  • Once you have assembled a cast, actors should have the autonomy to self-select one or more pieces that align with their gender.
  • Pieces may be read or memorized. The performer must introduce the name of the piece and playwright prior to reading/performing it. All pieces read/performed must have the title, character name and playwright listed in the printed program. The text of monologues may not be changed without playwright approval.
  • Royalties work as follows: $10/piece performed/per performance (so if you did a two show run, you’d pay each playwright $20, unless you performed more than one of their pieces), to be paid to The Non-Binary Monologues Project, who will disburse payment to the playwright. Royalties must be paid to The Non-Binary Monologues Project no later than 30 days after the production/reading date.
  • Please remember that The Non-Binary Monologues Project is a volunteer-run endeavor. If you are able to donate a portion of your ticket sales to the project, you are invited to do so here.
  • We encourage you to have a welcome table where folx are given name tags upon which they can write their name and pronouns.
  • Please have any curtain speeches refrain from using gendered language like “Ladies and gentlemen.” Make it more inclusive! For example “Honored theatre guests…” Also, we encourage the person or people making the curtain speeches to introduce their pronouns as well.
  • If it is possible at your venue, please put up gender neutral or all gender restroom signs for the duration of your run.
  • Post-show talkbacks are encouraged–make sure they are moderated by a trans or non-binary individual and that you have structure in place to address potential problematic/transphobic comments from audience members.
  • We request that you provide The Non-Binary Monologues Project with feedback on the experience, suggestions, questions, etc…Additionally, include the number of trans and/or non-binary actors/artists that were involved and, possibly, a percentage of the total team that was trans and/or non-binary, if possible.
  • If you photograph the performance, please let us know, and we’ll feature the photos on the website!