Submission Guidelines

We are looking for monologues written for non-binary actors (actors whose identities lie outside the gender binary of male/female.) Please share this resource with folks who may need it most (training programs, high schools, colleges, etc…)

Here’s what we need to post your monologue:

1) Character name (and pronouns, if desired. i.e. they/them, ze/zir, he/him, she/her.)
2) Text of monologue.
3) Name of playwright.
4) Context about the play and where the monologue falls if it’s from a full length play.
5) Email or website that folks can use to contact the playwright if they have questions/suggested edits/would like info on how to produce the play.

Please submit as an MS Word document, single spaced, or in the text of an email to nonbinarymonologues (at) gmail (dot) com.

No PDFs or full-length scripts. Please proofread carefully. You will be politely asked to rewrite if your monologue has grammatical and spelling errors.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: How soon will my monologue be posted? Is there a submission deadline?

A: Our goal is to post within seven to ten days of the monologue being submitted. There is not a submission deadline–submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.


Q: How long should my monologue be?

A: Monologues will be most useful for folks if they are 1-2 minutes in length. Feel free to send us longer or shorter pieces.


Q: How many monologues can I submit?

A: Please limit your submissions to 1-3 monologues at a time.


Q: Any restrictions when it comes to language? What kind of subject matter are you looking for?

A: No restrictions when it comes to language, but be mindful of using transphobic language sparingly, if at all. If we have questions about language in your piece, we will reach out to you for clarification. As to subject matter–the sky’s the limit! Non-binary monologues don’t have to be just about experiences with gender!


Q: Can the monologue be in a language other than English?

A: Absolutely! We welcome it!


Q: Does it have to be from a full-length play?

A: Not at all! Original submissions for this project are encouraged. This is meant to be an extensive resource for non-binary actors and as far as we know, this is the first of its kind. Non-binary actors want the same things actors whose identities align within the binary want! Give us some juicy pieces!


Q: Are you offering pay?

A: Unfortunately, no. We are trying to compile as many as monologues as we can to be a resource for non-binary actors to find pieces that align with their gender. We are also committed to keeping this resource free to all actors who need it and therefore are doing this on a volunteer basis.


Q: I’m a non-binary actor. Can I contact with you on feedback about a monologue I’ve used in an audition or send you suggestions of topics I’d like to see covered in monologues?

A: Yes, please do!


Q: I have a monologue from a character who is not non-binary–can I submit it?

A: We’ll accept submissions from characters that aren’t exclusively non-binary, if you can make the case for why a non-binary actor would be drawn to the piece. Also, please indicate the character’s gender if it is not specifically non-binary.


Q: This is such a great project! How can I support it?

A: Why, thank you! This project is a volunteer-based labor of love. So please help us get the word out by sharing this opportunity with the playwrights in your life. We’ve already gotten interest from artistic directors and educators that they want to have access to this resource. If you have the financial capacity to donate even $5 to compensate Woodzick for their time in maintaining the website, formatting posts, marketing and answering inquiries, we encourage you to do so by using this link!